Upcoming Events

Midwest Public Interest Conference Info Session

Not sure how you’ll spend summer, but interested in Public Interest Law? PILF and OCPD’s Kim Bunge want to help on Wednesday, November 14 from 12:30-1:00 in room 121. 

The application process for Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference (MPILCC) can seem super confusing, but isn’t so bad once you know the basics. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until winter break to think about applications.  A few minutes with PILF will save you hours!

Speaker on Race & Poverty in the American Criminal Justice System
On November 28, at noon in the Moot Court Room of the Mauer School of Law, IU Bloomington, Steve Bright will speak on Race & Poverty in the American Criminal Justice System.  Bright is founder of the Southern Center for Human Rights and a long-time death penalty defense attorney and advocate.