Job Search and Networking Skills Webinar

Looking to improve your job search and networking skills? Equal Justice Works is offering a free webinar this Thursday, April 12 at noon called “Link In to Further Your Job Search.” LinkedIn is a great resource, and this webinar will show you how to use it to your advantage. Register today, watch the webinar, and use the professional networking site to connect with the attorneys you meet over the summer.


5 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

Here are some tips to get you ready for your next internship/job search.

1. Linked In
If you don’t have a Linked In profile, make one!  If you have one, make sure it is up to date with your most recent work experiences.  Only connect with people you know well–past supervisors, past co-workers, professors, and fellow students are a good place to start. When you’re expanding your professional network and looking for informational interviews or leads on internships, Linked In can be a valuable resource.  Check out this video for more tips and advice.

2. Facebook
By now, you can pretty much guarantee that potential employers are going to be checking up on you through Facebook.  Make sure you are portraying yourself in the most favorable light and readjust privacy settings if necessary.  Facebook sometimes changes their privacy options so check back in every now and then and make sure you settings are correct.

3. Google
It is also likely that employers are going to google your name and see what’s out there.  Google yourself and see what results appear.  If you have a common name, this probably isn’t a huge concern, but if there is something out there about you specifically, you can be sure it will be found at some point.  You can set a google alert for your name so that whenever a new google result appears for you, google will automatically send you an e-mail.  Additionally, google alerts can be a good way to stay informed of current events in public interest.  Set a weekly google alert for “public interest law,” “pro bono opportunities,” or something similar.  Google will send you a weekly e-mail with relevant articles and websites on those topics.

4. Twitter
If you aren’t on Twitter, it is worth considering.  Creating a profile allows you to “Follow” a wide variety of news sources and organizations.  You don’t ever have to publish a single tweet yourself; just create a profile and choose to follow organizations and individuals you are interested in.  It’s a great way to stay updated on current events and, because most non-profit organizations have twitter accounts, you can also stay updated on the world of public interest.  We highly recommend following the Law School (@IU MaurerLaw) or OCPD (@IUMaurerOCPD) as well!

5. Do Your Internet Due Diligence Too
Its a good idea to google your potential employers as well.  Check out the organization’s website and look for news articles about their work.  If they have a Facebook page, Like it.  Do a little research on your interviewer so that you can ask intelligent, insightful questions.

The internet can be an excellent tool and resource, IF you use it well.  Just remember to use it to your advantage and don’t let it hurt your chances of future employment.