About PILF

PILF is a group dedicated to helping promote legal careers in public service. We are devoted to getting as much of the law school community involved in our mission. There is always a need for public interest work, and it touches almost all lawyers regardless of their career path. We work to aid students wanting to pursue a career in public interest law find their niche, while engaging students interested in private practice through education about what public interest entails and how they can support it.

What we do:

  • Hosting networking events to foster relationships between students and lawyers practicing public interest law
  • Sponsoring social events like dodgeball and softball tournaments for law students
  • Service trips to local areas that have particularly large legal needs becasue of disasters
  • Working with the administration and financial aid offices to make a career in public service financially feasible
  • Offering summer scholarships to a number of students who work unpaid public interest internships and show dedication to public interest law
  • Educating ourselves and the law school community about issues in public interest law
  • Promoting student involvement in local community legal work
  • Encouraging those students not pursuing public service careers to get involved with pro bono work

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