Talent Contest and Singing for Summer Salaries

Talent Contest
Make your way to the Crazy Horse on March 21st at 7 pm for PILF’s first ever student talent contest for Singing for Summer Salaries! Singing for Summer Salaries is an event which raises money for summer fellowships for students in public interest internships.  PILF will be providing free food and non-alcoholic beverages during the event. The talent competition will be very informal, and we encourage all different types of talents to be displayed. Those there supporting their fellow students can make donations of any size in the name of their favorite performance – and the student competitors with the most donations will win prizes from local businesses! All donations the student competitor receives goes towards the professor of their choosing to better their odds for winning the Tuesday event, where they will sing. Invite your friends, make it a social event for you PG group, or make a stop on your way to Bar Review! No matter what brings you out, we can’t wait to see you all there!

Singing for Summer Salaries

Next week, on March 26th, PILF will be hosting the annual Singing for Summer Salaries event. All the proceeds will go to PILF Summer Fellowships, so the more money we raise, the more public interest internships we can fund.  The professor who earns the most money through donations and live bidding will have to perform a song at the end of the lunch hour! You can stop by the PILF table at lunch any time this week and put change in the jar of the professor(s) you would like to see still in the “race” on the 26th.   Help us spread the word about the event, and we’ll see you next week!



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