The RNC and DNC: What has been talked about, lied about, and left out.

The national party conventions have been receiving a great deal of attention, even from those who are not consistently engaged in politics.  Coverage has been all over the news:,,,

Both conventions have had many speakers talk about their family story, like Michelle Obama speaking about Barack Obama’s grandmother and her father.

The “you didn’t build that” quote from Obama was also addressed in different ways at the two conventions, with the first lady talking about playing fair and being grateful and speakers at the RNC saying “you did build that.” This particular debate seems to highlight two different views of success.

Labor unions seem to be out of the loop: “labor leaders say they weren’t consulted before Democrats picked Charlotte, North Carolina, an anti-union city in a “right-to-work” state, to host their quadrennial confab. After pumping $8.5 million into the 2008 Democratic convention, many unions decided against funding this year’s convention, and they threw their own “Workers Stand for America” rally in Philadelphia last month, ” but union members are still in Charlotte spreading their message.
Fact checkers have been analyzing the speeches, finding false or misleading information on both sides.

Also left out, says Obama’s campaign, are details about Romney’s plan.

It was also interesting to see that at both conventions there have been female and minority speakers, and even female minority speakers.

What are your thoughts? Did any speeches stand out to you? What else do you wish had been addressed, or hope will be?

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