Senior Poverty

One social justice issue that doesn’t get as much attention as others is senior poverty.  However, statistics show that it is on the rise: “6 percent of people age 75 to 84 fell into poverty for the first time in 2009, compared to 3.3 percent in 2005,” and the proportion of seniors facing the threat of hunger went up to one in seven in 2010 from one in nine in 2005. Reasons cited by the article for this increase are the increase in medical costs, loss of savings because of low-interest rates, and eligible seniors not applying for help.  Demographics are also a factor, with higher rates of senior poverty for Latinos and African-Americans as well as for single women.

Does senior poverty deserve more attention? Will this affect how you vote in the fall? Because the issue involves many other concerns, such as the economy, stigmatization of receiving benefits, and race, how can senior poverty be best addressed?

One thought on “Senior Poverty

  1. Wow, scary. I wonder, though how this compares to how seniors were affected in previous recessions. Are they always hit hard or is there something unique here?

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