Supreme Court Law Clinics

IU has many clinics to offer, and the Moot Court competition is great, but imagine actually arguing a case before the U.S. Supreme Court as a law student.  Students at George Mason, Stanford, Harvard, NYU, Northwestern, UVA, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Texas can do just that. These schools offer clinics that provide pro bono representation before the Supreme Court. Students work with attorneys at prominent firms to prepare the cases, and though students don’t actually argue the cases before the justices, they are able to work on just about everything else.

We like this idea, not only because of the experience it provides students, but also because of the pro bono work it enables. If more firms enlisted the work of law students to help with their pro bono cases, would they be able to increase the number of cases they could handle? The best attorneys and the best law students in the country coming together to handle cases seems like a great idea and might make a bigger dent in the growing number of cases that require pro bono representation. What do you think? Would you participate in such a clinic if it were offered?

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