Singing for Summer Salaries in One Week!

One week from today, PILF will hold the biggest fundraising event of the year: Singing for Summer Salaries. Join us at noon in the moot court room next Tuesday, February 21st for the festivities.  We will be selling lunch, auctioning off packages from local businesses, and taking donations to decide which professor will have to sing in front of the school.  Tell your friends and bring your checkbook–the professor who earns the most money will have to perform a song at the end of the lunch hour.  Past performers have included Professor Heidt and Professor Scott,  so this year’s professor will have a tough act to follow.  You can also stop by the PILF table at lunch any time this week and donate toward the professor of your choice:



All the proceeds will go to PILF Summer Fellowships so the more money we raise, the more public interest internships we can fund. Help us spread the word about the event, and we’ll see you next week!

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