PILF’s Past Internships

It’s time to start the internship search–or, if you’ve already started, it’s time to pick up the speed.  The PILF board wants to help you as much as possible, so we put together a list of the places we have interned in the past.  If you are interested in any of these organizations, or if you want to know more, feel free to contact us at any time.  We would be happy to point you in the right direction, look over cover letters/resumes, and provide insight about our past experiences.  We’ve organized our past internships by location, but as you can see there are a variety of organizations on our list.  Take a look and let us know how we can help.


Alaska Public Defender Agency, Criminal Trial Division (Anchorage, Alaska)

Responsible for daily bail hearings, changes of plea hearings, fugitive from justice hearings, and any other miscellaneous hearings in district court. Typically in court twice a day, usually five times a week. Helped with three jury trials, and met with clients and client’s families to explain the status of their cases and legal issues.  A great internship for getting comfortable speaking in front of a judge and working with clients. Great for an outdoorsy/adventurous person who wants to spend the summer in Alaska! Contact Laura at ldulic@indiana.edu

Seattle Federal Public Defender, Western District of Washington (Seattle, Washington)

Shadowed a deputy public defender for 10 weeks in addition to attending a training program organized by the office for all of its interns.  Researched and wrote case memos, sentencing memos and motions.   Observed federal court and the military misdemeanor calendar.  Interviewed clients in the federal prison and worked with families on sentencing support letters. Contact Robin at rdbannis@indiana.edu

Federal Defenders of San Diego Inc., Southern District of California (San Diego, California)

Worked as Jury Selection Assistant.  Assisted attorneys at counsel table during jury selection. Interviewed jurors post-verdict and circulated reports to the office regarding juror feedback. Contact Robin at rdbannis@indiana.edu

Superior Court of California (Alameda, California)                                          

Served as Judicial Extern for the Honorable Patrick Zika.  Researched and drafted legal memoranda on employment law, labor law, and torts issues.  Drafted orders and tentative rulings; assisted Judge Zika in preparation for hearings and trials. Contact Matt at am.weyand@gmail.com


Pro Bono Institute (Washington, DC)

Non-profit organization that works with law firms and in-house counsel around the world to implement and sustain pro bono programs.  Performed research on major law firms and their pro bono programs.  Wrote report on disability rights law and pro bono.  Contributed to the PBEye blog.  Formal internship program included guest speakers from the legal community and various events related to the work. Contact Jessica at jlbrierl@indiana.edu


Office of the Attorney General, State of Indiana, Revenue Division, Tax Litigation Department (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Helped prosecute individuals and corporations around the State for tax evasion and tax fraud. Performed lots of legal research, and wrote memos and reports for each case. Conducted research project on administrative law issues regarding tax record confidentiality. A great intro to tax if you think that’s something you’d be interested in. Improved legal research and writing skills. Some paid positions available for 2Ls. Contact Laura at ldulic@indiana.edu

Monroe County Public Defender (Bloomington, Indiana)

Helped defend indigent clients in the Bloomington, IN area.  Researched legal issues, drafted memos, attended court proceedings. Improved legal research and writing through weekly class sessions.  Heard guest speakers from the legal community and toured the county jail. Contact Jessica at jlbrierl@indiana.edu

Indiana Legal Services (Bloomington, Indiana)

Working in a several areas including: family law, landlord/tenant law, immigration, foreclosure, small claims, and social security. Contact Andrew at andsmurp@umail.iu.edu

U.S. Labor Education In the Americas (USLEAP) (Chicago, Illinois)

Internship projects revolved around the proposed Colombian Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA, labor and unionizing issues in Latin American and the US, some translation work, as well as issues of impunity surrounding grave human rights violations and assassinations targeted upon Colombia’s union work force.  The U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP) is an independent non-profit organization that supports workers who are fighting for a better life for their families and to overcome poverty in Latin America. USLEAP is one of the oldest anti-sweatshop groups in the U.S., having been founded in 1987 as the U.S./Guatemala Labor Education Project. USLEAP has since expanded its work to other countries in Latin America.Contact Erin at erinmihalik@gmail.com

United States Attorney’s Office, W.D. KY. (Louisville, Kentucky)     

Responded to habeas corpus motions, motions to suppress wiretap evidence, motions to dismiss indictments, and motions to quash subpoenas.  Researched and drafted legal memoranda regarding the constitutionality of cell phone tracking, mandatory minimum sentencing and crack cocaine, the FTCA and the sum certain requirement, and the admissibility of deposition statements in an illegal-alien harboring case. Contact Matt at am.weyand@gmail.com


Milt Stewart Global Fellow & Holdeen Scholar, SEWA-Bharat (Delhi, India)

SEWA Bharat is a federation of membership-based organizations of women workers. It is committed to strengthening the Movement of women in the informal economy by highlighting their issues at the national level and building its member organizations’ capacity to empower them. The internship focused mainly on the legal labor issues of SEWA’s displaced female street vendors. Contact Erin at erinmihalik@gmail.com

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