Student Debt News

This week, President Obama announced new programs that will help reduce monthly student loan re-payments for many students graduating next year.  Here’s an article from the New York Times with more details.  Further information about the programs is available here. You can also check out this debate on whether or not the new plan is a good policy and whether it will actually help students.  What are your thoughts? Does every little bit help?  What would you like to see the government do for you?

One thought on “Student Debt News

  1. I do think every little bit helps, and programs like these bring me some comfort when I start to panic about the future. Specifically looking at law school, an even better way to help this problem would be to find a way to lower the costs of a legal education, as it seems clear in my opinion that law schools make too much money and overly burden their students with debt. For more details on the economics of law schools as businesses, check out:

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