Protecting the Right to Vote

Some public interest lawyers have devoted their entire career to voting rights.  As the 2012 presidential election heats up, take a moment to think about this right: Have you consistently exercised your right to vote? Do you know your state’s voting and election laws?  How do you feel about the fact that some Americans have lost their right to vote forever?  The Brennan Center for Justice is deeply committed to this issue and even offers a state-by-state map that shows which states limit/prohibit voting after criminal convictions.  The League of Women Voters is another great (non-partisan) organization dedicated to improving our system of representative government.  These organizations are not the only one–here is a list of several organizations that address voter’s rights issues.

Is this a topic you’re passionate about?  Have any of your past work/internship experiences addressed this issue? Comment below and let us know.

One thought on “Protecting the Right to Vote

  1. I think this is such an interesting issue. I know LFR is offering a seminar next semester on voting rights–I have him now for his class on the Supreme Court as an Institution and love it. I’d highly recommend taking his Seminar: Voting Rights next semester.

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