Following Your Dreams, Despite Your Debt

We know that a major concern among law students pursuing public interest—ourselves included—is managing law school debt after graduation.  This fear should NOT deter you from pursuing your dream job, however.  Next week, Paul Leopold from Financial Aid will visit the PILF Meeting (Tuesday October 11th, Room 121 at noon) to speak on this topic.  Until then, here is some advice . . .

One way to mitigate your debt while in law school is to obtain funding for summer internships.  In the spring, you can apply for scholarships through PILF, but until then, there are some other helpful resources for obtaining summer funding from PSLawNet.   PSLawNet also has information on how to have fun while interning in a big city without overspending.  If you want general information on financing a career in public interest, PSLawNet has that too.

It’s also important to know that you are not alone.  Your concern is shared by students all over the country, and many are working hard to help.  Equal Justice Works has many resources on this topic and frequently holds educational webinars.

The bottom line is this: don’t let the cost of your education deter you from considering a career in public interest. Financial Aid is always here to help. Attend the PILF meeting next week or e-mail today to find out more about making it work.

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