Two Great Student Orgs You Can Join Today

Want to get more involved in the Law School?  The Inmate Legal Assistance Project (ILAP) and Outreach for Legal Literacy (OLL) are two amazing organizations, and they’re looking for volunteers.  Start today and your volunteer hours will count toward the Law School’s pro bono goal.

The Inmate Legal Assistance Project (ILAP) offers students a unique opportunity to sharpen their practical legal skills, while providing valuable free legal assistance to inmates at the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.  This semester, ILAP will visit the Terre Haute FCI four times.  To go on a visit, ILAP will need you to complete an NCIC Check form in advance.  E-mail to learn more, fill out the form, and get involved.

Outreach for Legal Literacy (OLL) connects individuals or pairs of students with a local 5th grade classroom where the law students get to teach the 5th graders the basics of the US government, the US Constitution, and courtroom procedure.  The time commitment is 1 hour a week, and the lessons are all pre-written for the law students. The classroom instruction culminates in a mock trial and tour of the law school where the 5th graders apply what they’ve learned throughout the year as they play jurors, witnesses, and attorneys in front of a law faculty judge. Contact Allie Feary at to start today.

2 thoughts on “Two Great Student Orgs You Can Join Today

  1. I did OLL last year and loved it. I co-taught with two good friends, and we had a blast with it. The time commitment is really low, and the payoff is certainly worthwhile—the kids ask and say the funniest things, and we all had a great time at the mock trial at the end of the year.

  2. I also did OLL last year with 3 friends. It was really easy and the kids were hilarious. Professor Gjerdingen was the “judge” for our final trial, and he did such a great job with it. I highly recommend as an easy way to log pro bono hours and have some fun.

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