Exploring Public Interest Internships

This week we’ll be highlighting three students with three very different public interest internships.  We’ll start the week with a Q&A from John Adams, a 2L who is interning at the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s office.  Tomorrow we’ll hear from Laura Dulic (a 3L) about her experience at the Lawrence County Public Defender.  Finally we’ll hear what Marios Fellouka (a 2L) has to say about his clerkship with Judge Diekhoff here in Monroe County.  Stay tuned–these students will shed some light on three very important aspects of the justice system.

Q: Where are you working this semester?

A:  I am working at the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office in Bedford, IN.

Q: What is your favorite part of the internship?

A: The best part of the internship is working in a small office.  Because the office is small there is ample time to sit down with the attorneys, get advice, and listen to their experiences.

Q: What kinds of experiences has your job entailed?

A: The internship has offered a variety of different experiences.  On any given day I could be attending court hearings, writing a response to a motion to suppress, riding along with the police, or reviewing incident reports.

Q: Would you say that your office is team-oriented, or do attorneys work alone?

A: I would say that, for the most part, the attorneys handle their own caseload and work alone.  Even though most of the work is done independently, the attorneys do frequently go to each other to exchange ideas.

Q: Have your perceptions about working for a prosecutor changed at all from when you began?

A: My perceptions haven’t changed, probably because of my past experience working with prosecutors.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned?

A: When you think you have an answer to a legal question, slow down, think it through, and re-read the authority.

Thanks to John for his help with this post. If you are interested in working for a prosecutor’s office, check out these resources from PSLawNet or make an appointment with OCPD today.

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