PILF Events: Bringing the Law School together for a good cause

You may be wondering how PILF’s annual Softball Tournament could possibly relate to public interest, or how watching our Professors sing and dance in front of the student body affects the organization.  In reality, these events provide essential funding for students pursuing careers in public interest.  PILF hosts these various events with one goal in mind: to raise scholarship funds for students who obtain unpaid public interest internships.   We have found that the best way to get the entire school involved is to host events that appeal to our diverse student body.

We feel confident that each of our events has something for everyone, so even if you’re not athletic, we encourage you to come check out the annual Softball Tournament and support our cause.  Register with a team of friends, come as a free agent, or attend as a spectator.  The event will be Saturday, October 1st and we promise it’s a day you won’t soon forget.  Look for the PILF table in the hallway during the coming weeks in order to register.

Come learn more about PILF and our events tonight.  We are hosting a Meet and Greet from 6-9pm at Crazyhorse.  There will be lots of free food so bring your friends!

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